About Us

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Destiny Care Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2016. Our initial objective was to enhance our seniors’ quality of life for the services not covered under the Medicare Hospice, Palliative, or Home Health Benefits. We assist with services such as rent, utilities, meals, medications, medical equipment, and other essential needs.

As a response to the increasing needs of those we serve, our organization has expanded to provide more services to those outside of the Home Health, Hospice, and Palliative programs.

Our Mission
To extend arms of hope, to all within reach, by providing love and care through: personal, educational, medical, and financial support.

Our Vision
Provide medical help to save lives, health care aids to seniors, nutritious meals to the hungry, and most significantly of all, show the world that there is HOPE.

Our Goal
To expand our services internationally by partnering with other non-profit organizations globally.

Core Values: DESTINY

  • DDevoted to Serve – At Destiny, we are devoted to providing respect, love, and care to every individual we serve.
  • EEnrich – Our foundation enriches the quality of life by extending hope to those in need.
  • SSympathetic – We are sympathetic to the needs of those we serve. We act with compassion and respond with kindness to each person’s individual situation.
  • TTeam – We work together to search for the things we can do, however small, to make a difference in your quality of life.
  • IIntegrity – We take pride in our foundation’s honesty and strong moral principles.
  • NNurturing – We believe we are called to extend arms of hope by providing love, care, and a touch of kindness.
  • YYou – You are what matters most to us.

For more information, feel free to talk to us at 951-243-8871.

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